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Presenting Author(s) Juan Pablo Couso
Abstract Title Cell signalling, morphogenesis and pattern formation during Drosophila limb development.
Full author List Pueyo, J.I., Galindo, M.I., Butler, M., Bishop, S.A. and Couso, J.P.
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Following our work on the Proximal-Distal development of the limbs in the fly (1), we have uncovered a putatively new cell signalling event triggered by an unusual gene product. This cell signal controls gene expression and pattern formation during wing and leg development, and the development of folds in the respective developing primordia, or imaginal discs. The morphogenesis of the imaginal discs has been a neglected area of research but we are realising that the stereotyped appereance of folds is in fact an important part of the distalization process and entails remodelling of the epithelial basement membrane and the extracellular matrix (2). Most interestingly, microarray data has led us to realise that these signalling and morphogenetic events involve a mesenchymal population of cells that grow underneath the imaginal disc epithelium, in a manner similar to vertebrate limbs.

Refs: (1) Galindo et al. 2002, Science 297: 256

(2) Fessler et al. 1993, Development 117: 1061
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