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Presenting Author(s) Jenny L C Geh
Abstract Title Paediatric Limb Deficiencies: a thirty year experience at the Limb Clinic, Queen Mary's Hosptial, Roehampton.
Full author List J L C Geh, Mr. A L H Moss, Dr C G H Newman
Text of abstract

The multidisciplinary team clinic for limb deficiencies at Leon Gillis Unit, Rosehampton, consisted of a padediatric cardiologist, occupational and physiotherapists, a plastic surgeon, a limb fitting surgeon, and the Douglas Badder limb fitting service. Prior to the age of computerised records, a series of patient characteristics were recorded by a single physician over a period of thirty years. We present the case load and classification system used by the senior author throughout his time in the clinic.

The most widely used international classification of the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the hand have agreed the use of the Swanson's classification for limb defects. This cumbersome and non-reproducible method of recording has not helped to identify the causes of limb defects.

Other methods of classifying human limb defects will be presented. As physicians who work with such patients during their development, we feel that an improved method of recording human limb defects is a necessity.
Which session is your work most relevant to: Human limb abnormalities