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Presenting Author(s) Prof. Michael K. Richardson
Abstract Title Comparative and Functional Genomic Approaches to Limb Development and Evolution.
Full author List Maximiliano Corredor-Adámez, Monique. C.M. Welten, Fons Verbeek, Herman Spaink
Text of abstract We have developed algorithms for analysing shifts in developmental timing during evolution (heterochrony). We are now developing a system for applying these algorithms to expression data. Hox gene clusters are being mapped by alignment of translations of genomic sequences from zebrafish, chick and Xenopus with reference proteins. RT-PCR is being conducted to confirm exon boundaries and in vitro expression profiles. The resultant sequences are being used to generate oligonucleotides arrays. Expression profiles will be compared at different developmental stages and analysed for shifts in timing between species. In the future, a large array of fin/limb developmental genes will be studied across species to look for genes that shift their timing in co-ordinated groups. This approach may provide a novel way in to a functional analysis of heterochrony. I will also discuss our recent findings on gene expression in the chick embryo wing as they relate to the identity of chick digit I.
Which session is your work most relevant to: Limb evolution