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Presenting Author(s) James Sharpe
Abstract Title Growth and form of the early vertebrate limb bud: a 3D computer model.
Full author List James Sharpe, Antonella Ferrecchia, Sahdia Raja, Bernd Boehm, Rob Blundell, Candice Sy, Kingwai Chu, John Reinitz, Richard Baldock, Duncan Davidson.
Text of abstract As a first step towards creating a computer model of pattern formation in vertebrate limb development, we are building a model of the mechanics of limb outgrowth. Various hypotheses have been proposed about the mechanical forces involved in shaping the early developing vertebrate limb bud. These include the mechanical role of the ectoderm and the extracellular matrix, and genetic control of cell behaviours in the mesenchyme including regional control of proliferation rates (for example higher proliferation rates in the progress zone) and active cell migration. We have constructed a 3D computer model which simulates the physical forces involved in tissue growth. We have also performed 3D imaging of limb buds using optical projection tomography (OPT) and integrated these data into the computer model. We are now using this approach to explore the various hypotheses of limb growth mechanics, and have preliminary results which suggest that the observed spatial variations in cell proliferation cannot be responsible for proximo-distal outgrowth.
Which session is your work most relevant to: Limb patterning