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Presenting Author(s) Sigmar Stricker
Abstract Title A Zinc-Finger Transcription Factor Regulating Connective Tissue and Muscle Differentiation.
Full author List Stricker, S. Toepfer, M. Seemann, P. and Mundlos, S.
Text of abstract In a screen for genes that are upregulated during mouse limb differentiation we identified a zinc finger transcription factor, hereafter called ztf, with high expression levels in the limb from embryonic day 11.5 on. Whole-mount and section in-situ hybridisation with the chicken orthologous gene revealed expression during early limb development in mesenchymal tissue surrounding migrating and differentiating muscle cells. Interestingly, after myotube differentiation ztf becomes restricted to connective tissue cells that separate individual muscles and muscle fibers from each other. This indicates that ztf can serve as an early marker for connective tissue differentiation in the limb. Retroviral overexpression of ztf in chicken embryonic limbs results in a characteristic bending of long bones that appears to be caused by an aberrant muscle differentiation. Muscles in infected limbs are rarefied showing an excess of disarrayed connective tissue between the single muscle fibers, indicating that ztf is capable of shifting the muscle/connective tissue balance in the limb from the first to the latter. Three dimensional reconstruction of infected limbs also revealed defects in correct muscle patterning with respect to insertion points at the long bones, thus implicating ztf in muscle pathfinding. Summarizing, we propose ztf as the first factor known capable to induce connective tissue development in the limb, thereby regulating muscle/connective tissue balance.
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