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Presenting Author(s) M.C.M. Welten
Abstract Title Spatio-temporal analysis of limb development as a case study for the 3D atlas of zebrafish development and the Spatio-temporal zebrafish gene expression database.
Full author List M.C.M. Welten 1, 2 , M. Belmamoune 1, F.J. Verbeek 1, M.K. Richardson 2
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At LIACS (Imaging and Bioinformatics group), we have developed a 3D digital atlas of zebrafish development. This atlas is now being exploited as a mould to project gene expression information on. At this stage we are focussing on patterns of gene expression generated by in situ hybridizations (FISH, ISH) on zebrafish embryos at different stages. Whole mount ISH of embryos are analyzed by confocal laser scanning microscopy. If specific histological detail is required, high resolution images of serial sections are used.

From these high - resolution images 3D reconstructions are produced. A case study of zebrafish limb development with a panel of specific genes is performed using this system. The result is compared with limb development in chick for which a study is completed.

In this manner we hope to elucidate spatio-temporal patterns in developmental model systems.
Which session is your work most relevant to: Limb initiation, Limb patterning, Limb evolution