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Presenting Author(s) Vanessa Zuzarte-Luis
Abstract Title A role for the elastic matrix in limb morphogenesis.
Full author List Vanessa Zuzarte-Luis, Glen Corson, Noe Charbonneau, Lynn Sakai and Juan M. Hurle
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Most mesodermal cells of the developing limb bud are characterized by their high chondrogenic potential. In normal development chondrogenic differentiation of the limb mesoderm is restricted to the prospective skeletal regions while the remaining cells undergo apoptosis or differentiate into connective tissue components. The extra cellular matrix has been implicated in many morphogenetic processes including cartilage differentiation and appears as a good candidate for the regulation of limb skeletal morphogenesis.

We have studied the expression and function of the amorphous (elastin) and micrifibrillar (fibrillins) components of the elastic matrix during limb development and provide experimental evidences for a function of these matrix components in limb skeletogenesis.
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