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Presenting Authors Abstract Title
Takanori Amano Specification of the most anterior digit 2 in the developing chick wing bud.
Kevin J Beattie MicroRNAs and non-coding RNAs in Chick limb development.
Sheila Bell Sp8 is required for AER formation.
Heidi Bildsoe Hedgehog can directly drive terminal differentiation of amniote skeletal muscle.
Brent Edward Bobick The MEK-ERK kinase cascade negatively regulates chondrogenesis in embryonic limb mesenchyme.
Mark Brown Application of small scale expression analysis to the study of cell cycle regulation in mouse primary chondrocytes.
Michael Coates Limbs, fins, and homoplasy.
Juan Pablo Couso Cell signalling, morphogenesis and pattern formation during Drosophila limb development.
Megan Davey Patterning and vascularisation of the talpid3 chick limb.
Caroline Dealy Roles for EGFR signaling in vertebrate limb patterning, cell death, and endochondral bone formation.
April DeLaurier Developing 3-D imaging methods to characterise limb development: a comparison of forelimb and hind limb morphology in the mouse.
Emilie Dumontier;
Jean-François Ouimette
Pitx1and Pitx2 are required for development of hindlimb buds.
Pip Francis-West
Lesley Robson
Kelly Anakwe,
Regulation of limb myogenesis.
Jeff Francis The role of Tondu in vertebrate limb development.
Hox genes in the median fins of sharks and the evolution of fin development.
Dominic Furniss A Screening Panel Of Limb Malformations For Human Genetic Studies
Jenny L C Geh Paediatric Limb Deficiencies: a thirty year experience at the Limb Clinic, Queen Mary's Hosptial, Roehampton.
Mohammad K. Hajihosseini The role of Fgf-Receptor signalling in outgrowth and patterning of the distal limb.
Brian Harfe Role of Dicer and microRNAs in vertebrate limb development.
Steven Harvey The Role of Sall4 in limb development.
Richard Hinchliffe Making very long larval limbs: modulation of urodele skeletogenic processes in the floating larvae of the Southern Crested Newt, Triturus karelini.
Muriel Holder-Espinasse Early-ageing associated skeletal phenotypes in transgenic mice over-expressing the Erg protein.
Masaki Hosoya Genetic dissection of the network of limb A-P axis formation with preaxial polydactylous mouse mutants.
Tania Kapoor Meox2 regulates limb muscle morphogenesis
Marie Kmita A conditional loss-of-function strategy to assess the overall contribution of Hox genes to limb development.
Dayana Krawchuk Hand2 and Twist1 Interact Antagonistically in the Vertebrate Limb.
Atsushi Kuroiwa Tissue interaction and Hox genes control Six2 expression in the tendon precursor cells.
Kenneth Lee Proteomic Analysis of Mouse Embryonic Interdigital Tissues: Identification of Proteins Differentially Expressed during the Onset of Programmed Cell Death.
Laura Lettice A Long Range Shh Enhancer Regulates Expression in the Developing Limb and Fin and is Associated with Preaxial Polydactyly.
Frantisek Liska Systematic screening of candidate genes for the rat hypodactylous mutation.
Malcolm Logan Signals controlling limb initiation and limb position.
Phyllis LuValle Exogenous Fibroblast Growth Factor and Diminished Raf Kinase Signalling Result in Impaired Endochondral Bone Formation in Embryonic Limb Rudiments.
Sarah Maas The chicken oligozeugodactyly (ozd) mutant contains a deletion within Lmbr1 intron 5.
Susan Mackem Direct interaction with Hoxd proteins reverses Gli3-repressor function to promote digit formation downstream of Sonic Hedgehog.
Londale Madrigal Rotation of the Mammalian Hindlimb.
Baljinder Mankoo Meox2 regulates limb muscle morphogenesis.
Gail Martin FGF signaling in the limb: a genetic analysis.,
Nadia Mercader Proximodistal patterning during limb regeneration.
Brian Metscher Pectoral Fin Evolution: Developing New Branches.
Carolina Minguillon The role of the "limb-identity" genes in initiation of limb outgrowth.
Carl Neumann The systematic identification of genes involved in zebrafish pectoral fin development.
Tsutomu Nohno Wnt3a and Wnt10a involved in AER formation in the chick limb bud.
Sumihare Noji Involvement of Wnt and EGF signalling systems in regeneration of cricket legs.
Toshihiko Ogura Tbx genes and body plans of vertebrate embryos. - Paradigm and perspective of development and evolution -
Mary H. Owen Asymmetry of skeletal defects in mice heterozygous for the mutant allele of Dominant hemimelia.
Susana Pascoal Temporal control of limb bud development: evidences of a molecular clock.
Przemko Tylzanowski Characterization of the noggin null phenotype in CD1 mouse genetic background.
Charalampos Rallis A potential role for the T-box gene Tbx3 in positioning the forelimb along the rostro-caudal axis of the embryo.
Gudrun Rappold Novel point mutations R173C and A170P in the SHOX homeodomain defines impaired nuclear translocation as a molecular cause for Léri-Weill dyschondrosteosis and Langer dysplasia.
Prof. Michael K. Richardson Comparative and Functional Genomic Approaches to Limb Development and Evolution.
Benoit Robert Role of Msx genes in inductive signal transduction in the developing limb bud.
Marian Ros The GLI3 repressor form acts through BMP4 in the induction of apoptosis during limb development.
Ulrich Rüther Function of Gli3 in AP patterning of limb buds.
Tomoko Sagai Phylogenic conservation of an intronic sequence of the Lmbr1 gene as limb specific cis-acting regulator of Shh.
Juan José Sanz-Ezquerro Digit morphogenesis and tip formation.
Kazuna Sato "Neural" stem cell marker, Musashi express ion in Xenopus and axolotl limb.
Akira Satoh Muscle formation in Xenopus froglet blastema: making of a muscular spike.
Nancy Schwartz Altered Gene Expression in Aggrecan-deficient Growth Plate.
William Scott Mircroarray Analysis of Mouse Limb Bud Ectoderm.
Petra Seemann Functional analysis of brachydactyly-causing mutations in GDF5 and BMPR1b.
James Sharpe Growth and form of the early vertebrate limb bud: a 3D computer model.
Trent Stephens What factors determine limb location in vertebrate embryos?
Geffrey Stopper Hedgehog Function in the Patterning of Urodele Limbs and other Osteichthyan Paired Appendages.
Sigmar Stricker A Zinc-Finger Transcription Factor Regulating Connective Tissue and Muscle Differentiation.
Xin Sun Genetic Interaction between AER-Fgfs and Shh signaling.
Dylan Sweetman The spalt genes in limb development and Townes-Brocks syndrome.
Cliff Tabin Patterning the early limb axes.
Koji Tamura The diversity of limb/fin positions in vertebrates.
Mikiko Tanaka Developmental genetic basis of the evolution of pelvic fin loss in pufferfish Fugu rubripes.
Eva Tiecke A dual role for PKA in chick limb development.
Emma Tonkin NIPBL, encoding a homologue of fungal Scc2-type sister chromatid cohesion proteins and Drosophila Nipped-B, is mutated in Cornelia de Lange syndrome.
Miguel Torres Proximodistal patterning during limb regeneration.
Petr Valasek A dual fate of hindlimb muscle blastema: cloacal/perineal muscles develop from leg muscle cells.
M.C.M. Welten Spatio-temporal analysis of limb development as a case study for the 3D atlas of zebrafish development and the Spatio-temporal zebrafish gene expression database.
Yingzi Yang Different Wnt signalling pathways exhibit distinct functions and signalling mechanisms in controlling cartilage development in the limb.
Aimée Zuniga Mouse limb deformity mutations disrupt a global control region within the large regulatory landscape required for Gremlin expression.
Vanessa Zuzarte-Luis A role for the elastic matrix in limb morphogenesis.