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Thursday 15th July 2004

1700 - 1830 Registration
1830 - 2030 Hot and cold buffet

Friday 16th July 2004

0730 - 0845 Breakfast
0855 - 0900 Welcome to the meeting

Limb Initiation

0900 - 0918 Malcolm Logan, NIMR, London "Signals controlling limb initiation and limb position"
0918 - 0936 Jacques Drouin, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Quebec "Pitx1 and Pitx2 are required for development of hindlimb buds"
0936 - 0954 Trent Stephens, Idaho State University, USA "What factors determine limb location in vertebrate embryos"
0954 - 1012 Sheila Bell, Children's Hospital Research Foundation, Cincinnatti "Sp8 is required for AER formation"
1012 - 1030 Tsutomu Nohno, Kawasaki Medical School, Japan "Wnt3a and Wnt10a involved in AER formation in the chick limb bud"
1030 - 1100 Coffee/tea

Patterning of vertebrate limbs 1

1100 - 1118 Gail Martin, University of California, USA "FGF signalling in the limb: a genetic analysis"
1118 - 1136 Xin Sun, University of Wisconsin, USA "Genetic interaction between AER-Fgfs and Shh signalling"
1136 - 1154 Marian Ros, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain "The Gli3 repressor form acts through Bmp4 in the induction of apoptosis during limb development"
1154 - 1212 Eva Tiecke, University of Dundee, Dundee "A dual role for PKA in chick limb development"
1212 - 1230 Ulrich Rüther, Heinrich-Heine University, Germany "Function of Gli3 in AP patterning of limb buds"
1245 - Lunch
1400 - 1500 Setting up and preview of posters

Patterning of vertebrate limbs and chicken mutants

1500 - 1518 Susan Mackem, National Cancer Institute, USA "Direct interaction with Hoxd proteins reverses Gli3-repressor function to promote digit formation downstream of Sonic Hedgehog"
1518 - 1536 Marie Kmita, University of Geneva, Switzerland "A conditional loss-of-function strategy to assess the overall contribution of Hox genes to limb development"
1536 - 1554 Sarah Maas, University of Wisconsin, Madison "The chicken oligozeugodactyly (ozd) mutant contains a deletion within Lmbr1 intron 5"
1554 - 1612 Megan Davey, Roslin Institute, Midlothian "Patterning and vascularisation of the talpid3 chick limb bud"
1612 - 1640 Coffee

Patterning of vertebrate and insect limbs

1640 - 1658 Caroline Dealy, University of Connecticut Health Centre, USA "Roles for EGFR signaling in vertebrate limb patterning, cell death, and endochondral bone formation"
1658 - 1716 Benoit Robert, Institut Pasteur, France "Roles of Msx genes in inductive signal transduction in the developing limb bud"
1716 - 1734 Juan Pablo Couso, University of Sussex, Sussex "Cell signalling, morphogenesis and pattern formation during Drosophila limb development"
1830 - Dinner
2000 - 2200 Poster session

Saturday 17th July 2004

0730 - 0845 Breakfast

Patterning of vertebrate limbs 2

0900 - 0918 Aimée Zuniga, University of Basel Medical School, Switzerland "Mouse limb deformity mutations disrupt a global control region within the large regulatory landscape required for Gremlin expression"
0918 - 0936 Dayana Krawchuk, Columbia University, Columbia "Hand2 and Twist1 interact antagonistically in vertebrate limb"
0936 - 0954 Frantisek Liska, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic "Systematic screening of candidate genes for the rat hypodactylous mutation"
0954 - 1012 Brian Harfe, University of Florida, USA "Role of Dicer and microRNAs in vertebrate limb development"
1012 - 1030 Cliff Tabin, Harvard Medical School, USA "Patterning the early limb axes"
1030 - 1100 Coffee

Tissue differentiation (1)

1100 - 1118 Yingzi Yang, National Human Genome Research Institute, USA "Different Wnt signalling pathways exhibit distinct functions and signalling mechanisms in controlling cartilage development in the limb"
1118 - 1136 Atsushi Kuroiwa, Nagoya University, Japan "Tissue interaction and Hox genes control Six2 expression in the tendon precursor cells"
1136 - 1154 Heidi Bildsoe, Kings College London, London "Hedgehog can directly drive terminal differentiation of amniote skeletal muscle"
1154 - 1212 Baljinder Mankoo, Kings College London, London "Meox2 regulates limb muscle morphogenesis"
1212 - 1230 Petr Valasek, Royal Veterinary College, London "A dual fate of hindlimb muscle blastema: cloacal/perineal muscles develop from leg muscle cells"
1245 - Lunch

Tissue differentiation 2

1400 - 1418 Vanessa Zuzarte-Luis, University of Cantabria, Spain "A role for the elastic matrix in limb morphogenesis"
1418 - 1436 Kenneth Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong "Proteomic analysis of mouse embryonic interdigital tissues : identification of proteins differentially expressed during the onset of programmed cell death"
1436 - 1454 Phyllis LuValle, University of Florida, USA "Exogeneous Fibroblast Growth Factor and diminished raf kinase signalling result in impaired Endochondral Bone formation in embryonic limb rudiments"
1454 - 1512 Nancy Schwartz, University of Chicago, USA "Altered gene expression in aggrecan-deficient growth plate"
1512 - 1540 Coffee

Tissue differentiation and modelling

1540 - 1558 Sigmar Stricker, Max Planck-Institute, Germany "A zinc-finger transcription factor regulating connective tissue and muscle differentiation"
1558 - 1616 Pip Francis-West, Kings College London, London "Regulation of limb myogenesis"
1616 - 1634 James Sharpe, MRC, Edinburgh "Growth and form of the early vertebrate limb bud: a 3D computer model"
1800 - 1830 Whisky Tasting (optional)
1830 - Dinner & Ceilidh

Sunday 18th July 2004

0730 - 0845 Breakfast

Studies relevant to human limb abnormalities

0900 - 0918 Mohammad Hajihosseini, University of East Anglia, Norwich "The role of Fgf-Receptor signalling in outgrowth and patterning of the distal limb"
0918 - 0936 Dylan Sweetman, University of East Anglia, Norwich "The spalt genes in limb development and Townes-Brocks syndrome"
0936 - 0954 Gudrun Rappold, Institute of Human Genetics, Heidelberg "Novel point mutations R173C and A170P in the SHOX homeodomain defines impaired nuclear translocation as a molecular cause for Leri-Weill dyschondrosteosis and Langer dysplasia"
0954 - 1012 Laura Lettice, MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh "A long range Shh enhancer regulates expression in the developing limb and fin and is associated with preaxial polydactyly"
1012 - 1030 Jenny Geh, Queen Mary's Hospital, Leon Gillis Unit, Roehampton "Paediatric limb deficiencies: a thirty year experience at the Limb Clinic, Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton"
1030 - 1100 Coffee

Comparative aspects of fin/limb development & evolution 1

1100 - 1118 Monique Welten, Leiden University, The Netherlands "Saptio-temporal analysis of limb development as a case study for the 3D atlas of zebrafish development and the spatio-temporal zebrafish gene expression database"
1118 - 1136 Koji Tamura, Tohuku University, Japan "The diversity of limb/fin positions in vertebrates"
1136 - 1154 Tomoko Sagai, National Institute of Genetics, Japan "Phylogenic conservation of an intronic sequence of the Lmbr1 gene as limb specific cis-acting regulator of Shh"
1154 - 1212 Geffrey Stopper, Yale University, USA "Hedgehog function in the patterning of urodele limbs and other osteichthyan paired appendages"
1212 - 1230 Michael Coates, University of Chicago, USa "Limbs, fins and homoplasy"
1245 - Lunch

Comparative aspects of fin/limb development & evolution 2

1400 - 1418 Brian Metscher, University of Southern Indiana, USA "Pectoral fin evolution: developing new branches"
1418 - 1436 Renata Freitas, University of Florida, USA "Hox genes in the median fins of sharks and the evolution of fin development"
1436 - 1454 Michael Richardson, Leiden University, The Netherlands "Comparative and functional genomic approaches to limb development and evolution"
1454 - 1512 Toshihiko Ogura, Tohoku University, Japan "Tbx genes and body plans of vertebrate embryos. Paradigm and perspective of development and evolution"
1512 - 1540 Coffee

Limb Regeneration

1540 - 1558 Sumihare Noji, University of Tokushima, Japan "Involvement of Wnt and EGF signalling systems in regeneration of cricket legs"
1558 - 1616 Kazuno Sato, Centre for Regenerative Biol & Med, USA "'Neural' stem cell marker, Musashi expression in Xenopus and axolotl limb"
1616 - 1634 Miguel Torres, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, CSIC, Spain "Proximodistal patterning during limb regeneration"
1634 - 1645 Close of meeting
1830 Dinner

Monday 19th July 2004

0730 - 0845 Breakfast
0840 - 0900 Arrive outside Westpark to get onto bus
1030 Arrive at Pitlochry
1300 - 1315 Meet back at bus to depart at 1315 hours
1500 Arrive at Edinburgh airport
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